ilovebrokenhill.com , was first published on 8 December 2011 by Jane Deany. My blog is all about the famous outback Australian National Heritage Listed City named Broken Hill, located in the state of New South Wales. I first visited #BrokenHill in 2002 and have returned many times since then. ilovebrokenhill.com will help you discover what's great about this historic mining city, where in the mid 1880's the line of lode, a rich ore body of silver, lead and zinc was found. You will find stories about anything related to Broken Hill.

Monday 31 December 2012

See It My Way App for Broken Hill worth a look

"See It My Way" from the
facebook page
"See It My Way" App is a very useful App for an iPad which promotes Broken Hill and the district to visitors and locals alike.  It was released through the Apple App Store (iTunes) in August 2012.  I understand there is an iPhone App and Android version planned for release in the coming months.

It is the brainchild of Broken Hill locals Josh Cowdrey and Damon Edwards.

The upcoming launch was reported by Emily Roberts in The 'Barrier Daily Truth' on June 6, when Josh Cowdrey explained the App which "was an interactive GPS powered street directory with Yellow Pages, volumes of historical information and photographs, an events schedule, a coupon book, an interactive tour guide and a 'know-it-all".

Damon Edwards and Josh Cowdrey
photo courtesy of 'BDT' Gavin Schmidt
You can read more about it here or on facebook.

I haven't tried it yet (as Idon't have an iPad), but if you do, I think it sounds fantastic.

Stay tuned.  More about it soon.

By the way, back on the 14 June I wrote about Josh Cowdrey when his work was exhibited in a joint exhibition at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, see link to that article here.

Once again enjoy.  Cheers, Jane D

Sunday 30 December 2012

Broken Hill photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar's 15th anniversary issue

from 'Harper's Bazaar'
magazine website
The women's fashion magazine 'Harper's Bazaar' has chosen Broken Hill as their backdrop for the photo shoot for a couple of upcoming 2013 issues when they celebrate their 15th year in business.

The 'Harper's Bazaar' team visited Broken Hill for a week or so in mid December to take what I imagine will be some stunning photos for their special 15th anniversary editions.

The highly sought after professional photographer Simon Upton has been engaged for the project together with two models.  A total of about 10 people made up the crew for the shoot.  The magazine's Editorial Coordinator Louisa de Kievit who was part of the crew, was quoted in the 'Barrier Daily Truth' as saying "most of the clothes (worn by the models) came from New York, Paris, London and Milan.  It will include items from the Spring/Summer season."

The planned locations for the shots were in and around the city and included Brown's mine shaft, Silverton and Belmont Station which I believe incorporates some of the famous Mundi Mundi Plains.

The Broken Hill tourism and fashion feature has been scheduled for release in the March and April 2013 editions of 'Harper's Bazaar'.

I can't wait to see the magazines.

Cheers, Jane D

Friday 28 December 2012

Summer School holidays in Broken Hill

Summer school holidays are upon us and what better time to explore my favourite place Broken Hill than now. Okay it can be hot but it's Australia and it's summer everywhere so apart from Tasmania or the Australian Alps there are few cold places to be found at this time of year. It's not peak season so there aren't too many crowds, peak season is Spring and Autumn.

Broken Hill Regional Aquatic Centre
courtesy Destination NSW website
I have been to the city several times in summer and it's lovely sunny dry heat. There's the fantastic Broken Hill Regional Aquatic Centre if you feel the need for a swim or if you could visit the Menindee Lakes either on your way to or from Broken Hill. They are about 110km south east of the city. When full, which they are now, I'm told they are about twice the size of Sydney Harbour - so quite big!  It's a good side trip. Some folk from Broken Hill have holiday homes in that area. There's also the beautiful Kinchega National Park there too. In fact there are several  wonderful National Parks in the Broken Hill region that could be incorporated into your itinerary. The new Visitor Information website lists them and other local attractions.

Anyhow back to Broken Hill. There are the key attractions and galleries to see many of which I have written about in this blog, so you feel free to browse past posts for some ideas.  Also, the Visitor Information Centre corner Bromide and Blende Streets - tel. 08 8080 3560 and the associated Visitor Information website are great places to start for ideas.

Brochure courtesy
Powerhouse Museum Sydney
Right now there are several events/exhibitions that are all worth a visit and I have mentioned these in earlier posts but here they are again -

The Patton Village Summer Vibes festival in Patton Street South Broken Hill.
The festival runs every Friday 6pm - 9pm, from 30 November 2012 to 27 January 2013 see my article here.

The Odditoreum exhibition at the Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum (GeoCentre) running between 23 October  2012 - 22 January 2013, corner Crystal and Bromide Streets. The GeoCentre is worth a visit in it's own right.

The Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, 404 Argent Street, has another wonderful combined exhibition on, which you can read about here in my article.

Other ideas include -

View of Line of Lode, Miner's Memorial (left of tree), Broken Earth Complex (right of tree)

Sculptures at Living Desert Sculpture Park

The Palace Hotel
The list just goes on and on. There are countless things to do and a wide variety of places to dine and don't forget to check out some of the 24 or so galleries - see list of galleries at the bottom of the page (scroll down), yes for a city of under 20,000 people, there are a lot of galleries and they are well worth visiting.

On that note, perhaps you should book another night or two, you may need it and there is a wide variety of accommodation available - see the Broken Hill Visitor Information website for some accommodation suggestions www.brokenhillaustralia.com.au.

Of course there are plenty or restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs and takeaways to enjoy a great meal and parks to enjoy a picnic.

Enjoy, cheers, Jane D

Tuesday 25 December 2012

Happy Christmas to everyone in Broken Hill and beyond

And so it is Christmas 2012.  Wherever you may be, Broken Hill, Melbourne or anywhere else in the world, I wish you 

a Very Happy Christmas.

I hope you have a wonderful day today however you choose to celebrate.

Cheers, Jane D

Friday 21 December 2012

Broken Hill Visitor Information new website launched 18.12.2012

The Broken Hill Visitor Information website has been updated and has been redesigned around the theme 'Discover a lost world' Broken Hill.

The new website officially went live on 18 December 2012 and the old site now redirects to the new web address -


Broken Hill map courtesy of the Visitor Information Centre

The Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre is located -

Corner Bromide and Blende Streets
Broken Hill NSW 2880

Contact number:     +618 8080 3560

Website functionality and enhancements are being made regularly at the moment and will continue going forward, so more information, attractions, galleries and accommodation venues will be added as time goes by.

The website has a totally new look so if you were familiar with the old site, it now looks very different.

Cheers, Jane D

Broken Hill Patton Village Summer Vibes 48 hr film festival 21.12.2012

Publicity Brochure from
'Summer Vibes' website
The Patton Village 'Summer Vibes Festival' is in full swing and tonight's event sounds one not to miss.  It is the night of the -

"International 48HR Film Festival". The best of the best.

The 19 short films were all made in 48hrs and competed in the Filmapalooza (National Championships) event at the Taos Shorz Festival in New Mexico.

Winning filmmakers were from as far as Mongolia and Sydney.  All of the 19 films are playing tonight with the first film commencing at 8.30pm.

Date:     21 December 2012

Time:     8.30pm

Venue:   Patton Village, Patton Street, South Broken Hill

For more details on tonight's film festival see the link here.

Website:                www.summervibes.org.au

The whole 'Summer Vibes Festival' runs from 30 November 2012 - 27 January 2013 and as well as film, the festival includes markets, art and music.  See also my earlier post regarding the festival here.

Enjoy, cheers, Jane D

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Broken Hill's Stan Goodman's "The Fatal Lodes" extra copies available

Mining Industry
After the first print run of 200 copies of the "The Fatal Lodes" by Broken Hill author Stan Goodman sold out within on hour or so of publication in October, a re-print of 400 is available tomorrow from the Broken Hill City Council Administration Building between 10am and 2pm.  Of the 400 books, 270 copies are pre-ordered and are on hold at the Council offices.  Mr Goodman, a former miner, will again be present to sign the books.

My article on the first release can be read here.  The book costs $35.00 and is the result of over 10 years of research by Mr Goodman on the stories behind deaths in the local mining industry.

Broken Hill City Council Administration Building 240 Blende Street, Broken Hill NSW 2880.

For enquires please contact Council's Customer Relations Department on 08 8080 3300.

It sounds a most interesting and valuable reference book.

May the miners rest in peace.

Jane D

Wednesday 12 December 2012

Dancing Show in Broken Hill this Saturday 15 December 2012

Nearly one hundred dancers from the Silver City Dance Academy are performing in their academy's end of year concert.  The Civic Centre plays host to the "Showcase 2012".

Performances will be grouped into three categories - enchanted gardens, hip hop/jazz and Broadway music. The will be a range of dance styles including jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop and contemporary.  Performers will be as young as two and half years old.  The Synergy Dance Troupe which is the academy's senior class will also perform.
Hayley Sherrard
courtesy "Barrier
Daily Truth"

A couple of the winners from the 43rd annual Broken Hill Eisteddfod event held in August  - Hayley Sherrard and Isabella DeFranceschi - will dance their winning solo pieces.

Having just watched my niece perform in the "Nutcracker" in her annual ballet concert last weekend, I imagine this will be a lovely concert well worth attending.  I think there is a lot of wonderful young dance talent all around Australia.

Anna Canillas
courtesy "Barrier
Daily Truth"
Singer Anna Canillas will also perform.

Venue:     Civic Centre, 60 Chloride Street, Broken Hill NSW 2880

Date/Time:     Saturday 15 December 2012 at 7pm

Further Information:        Kristil Cowdrey - academy owner - 0467 055 293

Cost:        $22 adults and $17 for children

Tickets are on sale at the Visitor Information Centre - corner Blende and Bromide Streets, Broken Hill, telephone 08 8080 3575.

Enjoy, cheers, Jane D

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Best wishes to Broken Hill residents who celebrate Hanukkah

Menorah or Hanukkah lamp
from Jewish Museum, New York
We are in the midst of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah right now.  Hanukkah in 2012 is being celebrated between the 8th and 16th of December.  The corresponding dates in the Hebrew calendar are 25 Kislev to 2 Tevet in the year 5773.

This eight day festival and holiday is a story involving revolution and miracles.  A simple description can be found here on the Huffington (Huff) Post Religion site.

I wish everyone in Broken Hill who is celebrating this festival every good wish.

Happy Hanukkah, cheers, Jane D

Saturday 8 December 2012

i love broken hill ... it's the 1st anniversary

Mine Head Frame
Today marks the 1st anniversary of my www.ilovebrokenhill.com blog.  I have had a lot of story ideas over the past year, met and chatted to many Broken Hill locals and found the whole process a lot of fun, very rewarding and interesting.  I have never run out of story ideas as there always seems to be something going on in Broken Hill to write about.  I have learned a lot over this past year and must thank everyone who has generously given me their time to help me and also the "Barrier Daily Truth" which has provided an endless source of information.

I really look forward to researching and writing more stories in the coming year.

Cheers, Jane D

Friday 7 December 2012

A conversation with Broken Hill local artist Robert (Bob) Groves

Artist Profile (Art Scene)
On the eve of the first anniversary of my www.ilovebrokenhill.com blog, it is time to at last write an artist profile.  I have been pondering which artist to begin with in this, what I hope will be a regular segment going forward.  There are just so many artists in Broken Hill as I've mentioned many times already.  Many have their own gallery to showcase their work.  I have met quite a number of the artists over the years and they have all been friendly and welcoming to me.  In some cases I've just spoken to them on the phone which is how I initially came across Robert (Bob) Groves.

Bob Groves with one of
his cartoons
I was delighted to meet local Broken Hill artist Bob Groves at his home recently.  I had been in touch with Bob in regards to the Willyama Art Society's (WAS) 51st annual art exhibition in September (see that post here).  He is the president of WAS and has been for nearly 20 years which is quite an achievement in itself.

Bob was born in Broken Hill in 1944, and in quite a familiar tale in the city, Bob worked in the mines for a time.  He in fact took about 28 years in the mines before deciding that not only was he not keen on working underground, he also didn't feel he had the "dedication" to work in mining either.  In his case working in the mines had been a family tradition with his three uncles and grandfather also working in the mines.

Bob, who is now almost unrecognisable without his trademark red beret, developed an early interest in and fondness for drawing cartoons as he was growing up.  He found many interesting subjects to draw from his life underground, meeting many lively and funny characters whom he couldn't help but depict in cartoon form.  He now has thousands of his cartoons which he would like to display somehow and in the process raise some money for a charity.

"Bush Walk" by Bob Groves
He showed my some of his work and it is most impressive.  Not all of his work is in cartoon form either.  He also paints in more traditional styles as you can see in the image I have included called "Bush Walk".

Over the years he has enjoyed spending time conducting drawing classes for both children and adults and is quite involved with WAS as the president.

If you would like to join WAS or find out more, there is a postal address for all enquiries - Willyama Art Society, PO Box 48, Broken Hill NSW 2880.  New members are very welcome.  There are about 18 established and budding artists of all ages in the group.

I had only a brief meeting but it was a pleasure and a delight to talk with Bob about his obvious passion for cartooning, painting, art and his love of Broken Hill his home.

Cheers, Jane D

Sunday 2 December 2012

ABC Open Broken Hill's Jenia Ratcliffe's "A Place by the Sea" screens on ABC's "Compass" Program Tonight

Promo shot from ABC Compass website for the story
"A Place by the Sea"
Don't miss tonight's ABC Compass television program "A Place by the Sea" which has been produced by ABC Open Broken Hill Producer Jenia Ratcliffe.

I have spoken to Jenia about all things blogging and Broken Hill in recent months.  We were in touch last week regarding my guest blog on the ABC Open Broken Hill website which was published last Thursday (29.11.12) see link.  There are many other fascinating blogs on that site which are well worth a read.

Anyhow, back to Compass.  I think Jenia is quite excited about tonight's "premier" screening on Compass which is a very well known and long running Australian television program.  Compass, on air each Sunday night since 1988 - is a program which reflects and explores faith, belief and values in Australia and around the globe .  

Jenia Ratcliffe - "ABC Open Broken Hill" Producer
picture from the ABC website
It goes to air on ABCTV at 6.00pm Australian Central Time (and Broken Hill time) which is 6.30pm Eastern Standard Time (Melbourne time).  If you get the chance to see it, do please tell us what you thought.  If you can't watch it at the time you can always catch up with it later on ABC iview.

Jenia produced a short film which showed at sunset at last Friday night's "Summer Vibes" festival launch at Patton Park South Broken Hill.  In a post on the "Summer Vibes" festival a few day's ago I mentioned that film which is "Big Dreams for New Generation".  If you happened to see it please do let us know what you thought.

Cheers, Jane D

Broken Hill Christmas Pageant

Christmas is in the air in Broken Hill.  It's just after midnight and earlier this evening was the annual Broken Hill Christmas Pageant.  I'm sure there will be some great photos in the "Barrier Daily Truth" newspaper on Monday, not to mention many uploads of photos to facebook pages all around town.  There were 41 floats, a market before and after the parade run by Middlemen and a Pageant Princess.  This year's Pageant Princess was 16 year old Hannah Pryor.  As well as travel on her special float, she was also there to help Santa give gifts to children in the rotunda at Broken Hill's Sturt Park at the end of the parade.  The event is run by Broken Hill City Council and South (Broken Hill) Rotary.

I must put this event in my diary for next year.  It is one of the many Broken Hill events that I still look forward to attending in the future.  It really sounded like it was going to be great fun.  I would love to hear feedback from anyone who went.  What was it like?  What was your favourite float?  You get the idea ... don't be shy.

Cheers, Jane D

Saturday 1 December 2012

ABC Open Broken Hill, Romance, Hot Weather and Me

It was a hot 40 degrees in
Broken Hill outside the
West Darling Hotel
I was delighted to write a guest blog for ABC Open Broken Hill a couple of days ago.  It was fun to reminisce a little about the beginnings of my "romance" with Broken Hill.  I have provided a link to the article here.  Given some of the details of the story, it was fitting that it was published on a hot 43 degree day in Broken Hill.  It was pretty hot in Melbourne that day too, we got to 39 degrees "down south".

ABC Open provides a fantastic avenue for regional Australians and some city folk too who have a regional 'connection', to keep in touch even if they are thousands or hundreds of kilometres away from the nearest town.  In ABC Open's own words - 

"ABC Open invites regional communities to produce and publish photos, stories, videos and sound through the ABC."

It's a fascinating website well worth checking out.  There is a wide variety of really interesting stories published in a range of mediums.  There are so many talented story tellers, photographers and film-makers out there in regional Australia.

Cheers, Jane D

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Patton Village Summer Vibes Festival 30.11.12-27.01.13 Sth Broken Hill

Publicity Brochure from
'Summer Vibes' website
Don't miss the Summer Vibes Festival which begins this Friday 30 November at Patton Park, Patton Street, South Broken Hill, (opposite the local shops in Patton Street).

I know a lot of work has gone into it as I have been reading about it over the past months in the local "Barrier Daily Truth" newspaper and ABC Broken Hill website.

ABC Broken Hill will play a short film "Big Dreams for New Generation" to kick off the festival's nine week line up of films on this festival opening night.

From ABC Broken Hill's website I've sourced the following -

"Big Dreams for New Generation was produced as part of ABC Open's DreamBox project and showcases dreams collected from the students of Alma Public School during last year's NAIDOC Week.

This fantastic film along with over fifteen others about life in the Broken Hill region will be screened as part of the Summer Vibes Festival at Patton Park, South Broken Hill; Every Friday evening from 30 November to 27 January; and at Coburn Hotel on 26 January."

Festival Dates:     30 November 2012 - 27 January 2013

ABC Open Broken Hill's short film  8.30 - 8.35 pm Friday 30 November

Where:                   Patton Park, Patton Street, South Broken Hill

Website:                www.summervibes.org.au

Patton Village is running the event.

It sounds like a lot of fun. There will be a lot on. I suggest you check out their website for events and more information.  I hope I can make it to some of the events.

Cheers, Jane D

Saturday 24 November 2012

Three Special Exhibitions now on at Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery

Art Scene
Yes ... more art, as once again the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery is hosting a significant combined exhibition comprising three separate collections.

Rita Bruggy with some of her quilts at the
 current Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery art
exhibition. Photo courtesy BDT Darrin Manuel
The three exhibitions which were officially opened last night 23 November 2012 are the -

Annual Higher School Certificate (HSC) Major Works exhibition.

"Emerging Artist Within Family" exhibition showcasing the art of husband and wife Rita and Mike Bruggy - tapestry and quilting - Rita and painting and drawing - Mike.

EMED Cultural Alliance "Three Artists from Espana" exhibition which showcases the work of three Spanish artists - Juan Barba Rhobles, Mario Leon and Jesus del Toro Cardenas.

Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery
photo courtesy of their website

Information regarding the EMED Cultural Alliance Exhibition which I have sourced from the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery's website is as follows -

"The EMED Mining Cultural Alliance focuses on the creation of sustainable enterprises, which are independent of mining, through the sharing of experiences and ideas between the three historic mining towns of Broken Hill (Australia), Riotinto (Spain) and Banska Stiavnica (Slovakia).

This latest exhibition showcases works by three artists from the region of Riotinto in Spain; Juan Barba Rhobles, Jesus del Toro Cárdeñas and Mario León. The exhibition represent 3 very different styles and goes beyond simply representing the landscape of the region but more so describes the life and culture that makes their world. This is a mirror of the exhibition which is currently showing at the Museo Vazquez Diaz in Nerva, Spain, featuring the works of 3 prominent Broken Hill artists; Rick Ball, John Hart and Jim Paterson, which soon begins a tour of Spanish art galleries."

Details of the exhibitions are as follows -

Venue:   Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery
               404-408 Argent Street, Broken Hill NSW 2880

Dates:    24 November 2012 - 3 February 2012

Time:     10 am - 5 pm daily (except Good Friday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day)

Entry:     by gold coin donation

Enquiries:   08 8080 3440  or  email  artgallery@brokenhill.nsw.gov.au

I hope to visit during the exhibition.  I was fortunate to meet Rita Bruggy on my last visit to Broken Hill in October this year and needless to say she was excited about the upcoming exhibition.  It sounds all very fascinating.  I have seen the HSC exhibition in previous years and there has been some amazing and impressive work so I imagine the works in this 2012 exhibition will be no different.

I'm sorry I couldn't be there for the opening last night to hear the various speeches from those who officially opened each exhibition.  The EMED exhibition was opened by the Spanish Ambassador to Australia - Enrique Viguera, Councillor Peter Black OAM opened the Bruggy joint exhibition and local artist and winner of this year's Outback Open Art Prize - Rick Ball opened the HSC exhibition.  Enjoy.

Cheers, Jane D

Wednesday 21 November 2012

AGL Proposes Solar Plant for Broken Hill and Invites Local Comment

As per the advertisement in the  Barrier Daily Truth (BDT) on Friday 16 November 2012 (where I have sourced the majority of information for this post) -

"AGL is proposing a Solar Plant for Broken Hill, and approval is being sought for the construction and operation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant.  The nominated site is approximately 5 kilometres southwest of Broken Hill.

The Broken Hill Solar Plant would consist of a nominal 50 MW solar PV power station.  Over 650,000 solar PV modules will be installed, covering an area of about 125 hectares (ha).

This is the photo from the AGL website regarding the project
An Environmental Assessment (EA) for the project has been lodged with the New South Wales Department of Planning & Infrastructure (DP&I).  The document is available for public review and comment during an exhibition period which runs between 29 October and 30 November 2012."

"During this time, the community are invited to provide their comments about the project directly to DP&I.

AGL will hosting a community information session to provide a summary of the EA and answer questions about the project:

Date:        Thursday, 22 November 2012

Time:        The first session will be held from 12-2 pm
                 A repeat session will be held from 6.30-8.30 pm

Location:   Both session will be held at Broken Hill Community Inc. Centre for Community at 200 Beryl Street, Broken Hill.

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP by calling the AGL Community Relations team on 1800 039 600.

Printed copies of the documents are available at several locations see below -

  • Department of Planning & Infrastructure, Information Centre,
    23-33 Bridge Street, Sydney, 2000
  • Nature Conservation Council, Level 2, 5 Wilson Street, Newtown NSW, 2042
  • Broken Hill City Council, Council Administration Offices,
    240 Blende Street, Broken Hill, NSW, 2880
  • Broken Hill Charles Rasp Library, 249 Blende Street, Broken Hill, NSW, 2880.

They are also available for viewing online at the following locations:

DP&I website:  www.majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au

AGL website: www.agk.com.au/brokenhill/index.php/environment/

In my own words (not from the BDT or AGL), I think it is worth getting involved in the process for sure if you care about Broken Hill and/or environmental sustainability.  I am all for sustainability and alternative renewable fuel sources, however, I hope the location selected is not an eyesore.  From the picture on the AGL site which I have added above, I would be concerned if they were going to change the look of that area which I must say always appeals to me as I get close to the city, the two little peaks or hills to the left or west of the highway.  I hope it won't be visible from that main approach road to the city from the south.

Cheers, Jane D

Monday 19 November 2012

ilovebrokenhill.com now has a YouTube channel - ilovebrokenhillcom

Peter Mrkusich (left) playing bass with Monkey Box
at the Muso Club in Broken Hill
I recently interviewed my friend Peter Mrkusich about his memory of his trip to Broken Hill which he made with his wife Pauline and myself in September 2009.

The interview is now available via my new YouTube channel which is called ilovebrokenhillcom .  Access to my YouTube channel is available via the right hand side bar where the reference to ilovebrokenhillcom YouTube channel is.  You can also find the recording here.

I hope you enjoy it.  It is my first ever filmed interview ... see what you think.

By the way, in case you missed my other post about that same trip of Peter's to Broken Hill you can find a link to it here.

Cheers, Jane D

Sunday 11 November 2012

Please remember Armistice (Remembrance) Day @ 11am today

Remembrance Day Poppy from
 www.anzacday.org.au site
Community Event
Today at 11am Commonwealth countries will remember the fallen soldiers would fought for their countries during World War 1 (WW1).  The end of hostilities occurred on this day in 1918.  We mark the time with a minute's silence at 11am on this day each year.

The red poppies bloomed across some of the worst battlefields in Flanders during WW1, their red colour being a reminder and symbol of the blood spilled during this war.

Lest We Forget

Thank you to all soldiers who died in the line of duty for their countries.

Rest in peace

Saturday 10 November 2012

Entertainment in Broken Hill is never ending

I know it's a little late to "advertise" events that are on "after the event" so to speak but, as many of my readers are from overseas and are reading my articles to find out about Broken Hill, I just want to mention a couple of wonderful events that were on earlier this evening.

Two shows caught my attention in the line up of entertainment in Broken Hill for Saturday night this week and they were -
"A Priscilla Queen of the Desert Tribute Show" at 7pm at Club Legion (170 Crystal Street, Broken Hill),

Drag Queens Andrew Bevarne, Brad Moore and Leith Williams
will join other performers in the Priscilla Tribute show

Photo from 'Barrier Daily Truth' by Emily Roberts

Broken Hill Philharmonic Choir which presented "The Magic of Musicals II" at 7.30pm at the Broken Hill Civic Centre (60 Chloride Street, Broken Hill).

The Priscilla Show organised by local Broken Hill identity Andrew Bevarne, will obviously appeal to fans of the 1994 "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" movie which was filmed in part in Broken Hill.

An eclectic mix of entertainment to be sure.

If you went to either show I hope you enjoyed it and of course if you did please feel free to tell us all how you enjoyed it.
People I know have tried to leave comments and have found the anti-spam feature problematic, please persist as we'd all love to hear your thoughts on my articles and as I've said before, if you have any topics you'd like me to research please let me know with a comment.

Cheers, Jane D

Friday 9 November 2012

Ten years, Broken Hill and me ... it's the anniversary!

Today marks the ten year anniversary of my first visit to Broken Hill and obviously the rest is history.

Thanks for all the great times Broken Hill.

This is a picture of me at the iconic Living Desert Sculpture Park with one of the most photographed (and painted) sculptures.  The park is a must see for any visitor to the city.  The Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre can provide details of how to get there etc...

Cheers, Jane D

Thursday 8 November 2012

The Odditoreum Exhibition now on in Broken Hill

Okay it's not quite breaking news but it is odd and it is in Broken Hill.  Yes the Sydney Powerhouse Museum's "The Odditoreum" exhibition is currently on show in Broken Hill.  I had a sneak preview the day before the opening night (as unfortunately I had to leave the city prior to the actual night) and I highly recommend a visit if you are passing through town or of course if you are a local.  It's quite fascinating.

Opal mausoleum for the
world's smartest budgie

Just your average oddities

The GeoCentre

Photography is welcome and as you can see I took a number of photos, some of which I've added here.  Enjoy.

The exhibition details are as follows -

Dates and time:      23 October 2012 - 22 January 2013
                               Monday - Friday 10 am - 4.45 pm, Saturday/Sunday 1-4.45 pm

Venue:                   Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum (GeoCentre)
                               2 Bromide Street, corner Crystal Street, Broken Hill

Contact:                  (08) 8080 3500

Entry:                      Entry fee for the GeoCentre is $5 for adults.

I should add that the GeoCentre houses a famous 42kg silver nugget and an equally famous Silver Tree as well as many other interesting exhibits.  It's well worth a visit in its own right.

Cheers, Jane D