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Wednesday 21 November 2012

AGL Proposes Solar Plant for Broken Hill and Invites Local Comment

As per the advertisement in the  Barrier Daily Truth (BDT) on Friday 16 November 2012 (where I have sourced the majority of information for this post) -

"AGL is proposing a Solar Plant for Broken Hill, and approval is being sought for the construction and operation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant.  The nominated site is approximately 5 kilometres southwest of Broken Hill.

The Broken Hill Solar Plant would consist of a nominal 50 MW solar PV power station.  Over 650,000 solar PV modules will be installed, covering an area of about 125 hectares (ha).

This is the photo from the AGL website regarding the project
An Environmental Assessment (EA) for the project has been lodged with the New South Wales Department of Planning & Infrastructure (DP&I).  The document is available for public review and comment during an exhibition period which runs between 29 October and 30 November 2012."

"During this time, the community are invited to provide their comments about the project directly to DP&I.

AGL will hosting a community information session to provide a summary of the EA and answer questions about the project:

Date:        Thursday, 22 November 2012

Time:        The first session will be held from 12-2 pm
                 A repeat session will be held from 6.30-8.30 pm

Location:   Both session will be held at Broken Hill Community Inc. Centre for Community at 200 Beryl Street, Broken Hill.

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP by calling the AGL Community Relations team on 1800 039 600.

Printed copies of the documents are available at several locations see below -

  • Department of Planning & Infrastructure, Information Centre,
    23-33 Bridge Street, Sydney, 2000
  • Nature Conservation Council, Level 2, 5 Wilson Street, Newtown NSW, 2042
  • Broken Hill City Council, Council Administration Offices,
    240 Blende Street, Broken Hill, NSW, 2880
  • Broken Hill Charles Rasp Library, 249 Blende Street, Broken Hill, NSW, 2880.

They are also available for viewing online at the following locations:

DP&I website:  www.majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au

AGL website: www.agk.com.au/brokenhill/index.php/environment/

In my own words (not from the BDT or AGL), I think it is worth getting involved in the process for sure if you care about Broken Hill and/or environmental sustainability.  I am all for sustainability and alternative renewable fuel sources, however, I hope the location selected is not an eyesore.  From the picture on the AGL site which I have added above, I would be concerned if they were going to change the look of that area which I must say always appeals to me as I get close to the city, the two little peaks or hills to the left or west of the highway.  I hope it won't be visible from that main approach road to the city from the south.

Cheers, Jane D

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