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Saturday 17 February 2018

One month to go to the famous Broken Hill St Patrick's Races 17 March 2018

Every so often the St Pat's Races in Broken Hill, occurs on the actual day of St Patrick's Day and 2018 is one of those years. I was there the last time it happened.

So start planning your green gear!

The event is one of only 2 annual horse race meetings in the Silver City aka #BrokenHill.

And for a bit of unrelated trivia. I was just looking at where my online audience was right now, that is Saturday evening 17 February and surprisingly, there was activity in Honduras! Hi to everyone in Honduras. Also hello to viewers in Germany and of course Australia.

JD @ ilbh

Wednesday 14 February 2018

I love Broken Hill, so happy Valentine's Day 2018 #BrokenHill

Thinking of you today #BrokenHill on this day about love. You're hot! Well not too bad today 15 - 33 degrees celsius. Sounds very pleasant.

Changing the subject, to a heavier note (sorry), but just wanted to share this idea pronto.

I came across this great suggestion by Scott Hammond of Broken Hill Lifeline on Twitter via ABC (when searching what was going on in Broken Hill at the moment #BrokenHill) - 

That says it all.
JD @ ilbh