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Sunday 30 December 2012

Broken Hill photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar's 15th anniversary issue

from 'Harper's Bazaar'
magazine website
The women's fashion magazine 'Harper's Bazaar' has chosen Broken Hill as their backdrop for the photo shoot for a couple of upcoming 2013 issues when they celebrate their 15th year in business.

The 'Harper's Bazaar' team visited Broken Hill for a week or so in mid December to take what I imagine will be some stunning photos for their special 15th anniversary editions.

The highly sought after professional photographer Simon Upton has been engaged for the project together with two models.  A total of about 10 people made up the crew for the shoot.  The magazine's Editorial Coordinator Louisa de Kievit who was part of the crew, was quoted in the 'Barrier Daily Truth' as saying "most of the clothes (worn by the models) came from New York, Paris, London and Milan.  It will include items from the Spring/Summer season."

The planned locations for the shots were in and around the city and included Brown's mine shaft, Silverton and Belmont Station which I believe incorporates some of the famous Mundi Mundi Plains.

The Broken Hill tourism and fashion feature has been scheduled for release in the March and April 2013 editions of 'Harper's Bazaar'.

I can't wait to see the magazines.

Cheers, Jane D

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