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Friday 12 October 2012

'The Fatal Lodes' by Broken Hill author Stan Goodman available at last

Mining Industry
Stan Goodman began researching the stories behind the deaths of miners back in 2001.  Eleven years and nearly 400 pages later, his book 'The Fatal Lodes' was launched earlier this week at a Civic Reception at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery.

Mr Goodman began a long career in mining in 1956 where he began working as a trainee engineer at Zinc Corporation.  Later in his career he spent 13 years as an inspector before he finally retired in 1999.

Miners Memorial Broken Hill
His research commenced after he realised there were a number of errors and inaccuracies in the records about how some of the miner's died.  He also found inaccuracies at the Miners Memorial on the Line of Lode.

Mr Goodman noted that even after his lengthy research period there were still missing facts.

Mr Stan Goodman from ABC Rural website 26.01.11
The book will be an excellent reference resource for anyone interested in this subject especially families and friends trying to trace the story behind the death of their loved one(s).

The book is available at the Broken Hill City Council offices 240 Blende Street and the Visitor Information Centre corner Blende and Bromide Streets Broken Hill for $35.00.  There are plans to sell it at other retailers in the future and it will also eventually become available at the local library.

After strong interest in the book at the official launch on Wednesday, Mr Goodman attended the City Council offices earlier today between  11am and 12 noon and signed and sold about 150 more copies of the book.  It was sold out in the end.  Another print run has been ordered.  Mr Goodman was overwhelmed with the interest in his book, and Council was also surprised at the demand.

Mr Goodman also noted that if a reader saw an error he was keen to hear about it so the book could be amended with a future print run.

I have come across an informative news item/story about Mr Goodman and his book and an interview (podcast) with him from ABC Rural's website which was recorded on Australia Day last year (26 January 2011).  It's worth reading and listening to.   Also well worth listening to is ABC Outback's Chris Jeremy's interview with Mr Goodman recorded yesterday ... see link here to the podcast.  The whole story is really fascinating.

If you managed to buy a copy I would love to hear what you thought of the book.

Congratulations and well done Mr Goodman and ...

Rest In peace to the deceased miners ....

Jane D

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