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Tuesday 28 August 2012

Broken Hill’s Tour de Foodies dines again Thursday 30th August 2012

I wrote a post about Broken Hill’s new dining out club a couple of months ago - 18th June to be exact.  The group is still going strong and are planning their next monthly restaurant “crawl” for this Thursday 30th August.

The Musician's Club courtesy of the club
EntrĂ©e will be at Dunes Restaurant at the Southern Cross Hotel – 357 Cobalt Street Broken Hill, followed by main course at the Musician’s Club in Crystal Street (opposite the Broken Hill station) and will finish off with dessert around the corner at Alfrescos 397 Argent Street (corner of Oxide Street).  It kicks off at 6pm and a bus is usually arranged to drive people around to the venues.

Again it sounds like a fun night.  You can track updates etc… via the lively facebook page “A Guide to dining out in Broken Hill” … “Tour de Foodies”. 

Enjoy the night …

Cheers, Jane D

Saturday 18 August 2012

Broken Hill and me, eight months on ...

It has been just over eight months since I started my new ‘journey’ with Broken Hill as the destination.  On 8th December 2011 I wrote my first post about Broken Hill.  It was my first post about anything at all on the internet.

I read/scanned eight books about blogging “how to” etc…  One thing they stressed was that you must be pretty passionate about your subject.  So I thought, I want to start a blog so what will my topic be and obviously, you guessed it, it was to be about Broken Hill and what I love about it.

Radio Station 2BH
I have visited the city twice so far this year – 2012 - and have been to Broken Hill around 10 times or so altogether.  I have tried to write about positive news stories about this fascinating arty historic mining town/city (which hasn’t been hard to do).  An e-subscription to the newsy local paper “The Barrier Daily Truth” has helped me to keep up with what’s going on in town.  I have also pestered the staff at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery and the Visitor Information Centre.  They have all been very helpful.

Today is my 50th post/article so I am being a bit self-indulgent in writing this piece which is a little more focused on me, but it still in essence is about Broken Hill.

My readers come from all over the world.  The greatest readership is based in the United States of America, followed by Australia, Israel, Brazil, Germany, Latvia, Russia, France, China and the United Kingdom, so it is quite diverse I’m pleased to say.

I have kept it non-commercial, i.e. I don’t earn money from it.  But I do earn self-satisfaction that I have kept it up.
A view of Broken Hill and moi
As I pass this mini eight month milestone, I thought I would ask if anyone has a particular topic they would like me to research about the city?  If you do, I would love to hear your suggestions (keep it nice please).

In future posts I plan to write some more about the various attractions around the city and a little bit more about mining than I have, especially since this is a significant part of the history of the city.  Artist profiles will also be a feature.

I will do a real estate report as well once I find an agent who is happy to contribute.  I met with one in January and discussed the possibility and they said they were interested in the idea.  I do hope so, as there are some really lovely properties to be found in this city and I think there is an interesting story to be told on that subject.  I might even buy a property at the “Hill” myself one day, I have certainly inspected quite a few very charming homes and even some pubs which were on the market as well.  One day ….??
I look forward to post number 51 which will be coming soon.

Cheers, Jane D

Saturday 11 August 2012

The Broken Hill Time Traveller’s Convention tonight 11 August 2012

West Darling Hotel 1 Jan 2006 yes it is 40 degrees
Jack Marx is holding a ‘public event’ so facebook tells us.  An article in yesterday’s 'Barrier Daily Truth' (BDT) gives a little more information about this quirky event being held in Broken Hill at the West Darling Hotel, corner Oxide and Argent Streets. 

The Broken Hill Time Traveller’s Convention is on tonight Saturday 11th August 2012 commencing at 7pm and rsvp’s aren’t necessary.

The BDT article explained that it’s not the first time such an event has been organised as in May 2005 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) students apparently held the world’s first Time Traveller Convention.  No time travellers were reported to have turned up.  Jack Marx believes this is because you couldn’t attend that event unless you had rsvp’d and it would be impossible to rsvp to a past event if you are from the future!
Marx told the BDT that the event ‘will feature music designed to make future folk feel “comfortable” and’ there’s ‘the possibility of some very special guests’ which I think adds up to a potentially intriguing night.  What the heck, sounds like it could be fun.  It will certainly be unusual and who knows, anything could happen.

Feel free to give us an update about how the night went.  Did you see any blasts from the past or find some friends of the future?

Cheers, Jane D

Friday 10 August 2012

ABC Broken Hill talks to Rick Ball winner Outback Open Art Prize

Cropped photo of Rick by a
family friend of his from Colombia
Art Scene
See link here to read the ABC Broken Hill article by Cherie McDonald about Rick Ball, the winner of the 2012 Outback Open Art Prize, awarded last Friday 3rd August 2012. 
(The link above no longer appears to be working correctly, so try this link here to see the basic text of the above article, or search for 'Rick Ball' after going to the ABC Broken Hill website via the above link which has been redirected to ABC SA Country Hour).
See my post of 7th August 2012 for further details about this recent important local event.

Rick has now provided me with a high resolution image (see below) of his winning artwork -

“The Land - Broken Hill and Darling River”. 

It really is quite a striking artwork.  Very impressive and a worthy winner.  Once again, well done Rick Ball.

Cheers, Jane D

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Dementia and Carers Art Exhibition - Inspiring the Grey Matter

Art Scene
There is a lot happening at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery at the moment, and alongside the Outback Open Art Prize exhibition is the Dementia and Carers Art Exhibition “Inspiring the Grey Matter” which officially opens today Wednesday 8th August 2012 at 11am.

Broken Hill Mayor Wincen Cuy is the special guest and he will open the exhibition and morning tea is provided.

RSVP / details Mel at Far West Dementia Advisory Service, telephone 1300 005 060

This exhibition also runs from 4th August until 23rd September 2012 at

404-408 Argent Street, Broken Hill NSW 2880, Australia

Opening hours are 10 am – 5 pm daily.  Entry is by gold coin donation.

It sounds like it will be well worth supporting.

Cheers, Jane D

Tuesday 7 August 2012

2012 Annual Outback Open Art Prize Winner Rick Ball of Broken Hill

Art Scene
Broken Hill artist Rick Ball has won the coveted 2012 Outback Open Art Prize after coming runner-up in 2009.  The thrilled, well known local artist is in high demand as people seek to hear his story about his impressive oil and pigment on linen winning diptych (2 panel) piece “The Land - Broken Hill and Darling River”.  The story was front page news on today’s Barrier Daily Truth, and I believe ABC Broken Hill is ‘working up’ a radio piece as well.

Rick Ball with "The Land - Broken Hill and Darling River" (photo by Cathy Farry)

The annual “Outback Open Art Prize” has been offered since 1994.  Rick has won the acquisitive $15,000 prize, and in return, the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery has acquired the winning work for display in its already impressive collection.

Deb Wall from the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery judged the competition which saw Northern Territory (Utopia region) artist Margaret Loy Pula win the non-acquisitive Second Prize of $2,500 with her acrylic on linen painting “Anatye” (Bush Potato) and Merimbula NSW artist Kathryn Hede win the $800 Encouragement Award with her oil on canvas “Rainy Landscape”.

As noted previously the exhibition runs from 4th August until 23rd September 2012 at the 
404-408 Argent Street, Broken Hill NSW 2880, Australia

Opening hours are 10 am – 5 pm daily.  Entry is by gold coin donation.

Darren Parker from the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery kindly emailed me the catalogue of the 38 shortlisted works – some really impressive pieces (thanks Darren, I appreciate your help).

Congratulations to the prize winners, especially Rick.

Cheers, Jane D

Thursday 2 August 2012

Outback Open Art Prize Exhibition 4 August to 23 September 2012

Art Scene
It is time once again for the annual “Outback Open Art Prize”, known as the highlight of the cultural calendar in Broken Hill for many years.  There is the shortlist exhibition and the prestigious acquisitive first prize (valued at $15,000).

The exhibition opens Friday night 3rd August 2012 at 6.30 pm at –

404-408 Argent Street, Broken Hill NSW 2880, Australia
Janine Mackintosh Droughts and Flooding Rains 2011
Acacia Pycnantha (Golden Wattle), twigs, linen thread,
& bookbinders gum on canvas © Image courtesy the artist
The judge is Deb Wall from the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery.  She will also officially open the exhibition.

The exhibition runs from -
4th August - 23rd September 2012.

Opening hours are 10 am – 5 pm daily.  Entry is by gold coin donation.
The 2011 prize-winner was Janine Mackintosh with her piece – pictured – Droughts and Flooding Rains, 2011. 

The second prize is non-acquisitive $2,500, and there is also an $800 encouragement prize awarded.  Total prize pool $18,300.  Judging occurs on the 3rd August.  The judge will look for works that reflect the spirit and diversity of the Australian outback.

The prize is once again proudly sponsored by Mrs Raylee J Hart and the Broken Hill City Council.

Also running concurrently is an exhibition by Fabian Muir entitled “Russia”.

As usual, I wish I could be there but work in Melbourne doesn’t allow me to visit the city at this time of year.  Good luck to the entrants and do try and get along to the exhibition I am sure it will be well worth it.

Cheers, Jane D