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Friday 7 December 2012

A conversation with Broken Hill local artist Robert (Bob) Groves

Artist Profile (Art Scene)
On the eve of the first anniversary of my www.ilovebrokenhill.com blog, it is time to at last write an artist profile.  I have been pondering which artist to begin with in this, what I hope will be a regular segment going forward.  There are just so many artists in Broken Hill as I've mentioned many times already.  Many have their own gallery to showcase their work.  I have met quite a number of the artists over the years and they have all been friendly and welcoming to me.  In some cases I've just spoken to them on the phone which is how I initially came across Robert (Bob) Groves.

Bob Groves with one of
his cartoons
I was delighted to meet local Broken Hill artist Bob Groves at his home recently.  I had been in touch with Bob in regards to the Willyama Art Society's (WAS) 51st annual art exhibition in September (see that post here).  He is the president of WAS and has been for nearly 20 years which is quite an achievement in itself.

Bob was born in Broken Hill in 1944, and in quite a familiar tale in the city, Bob worked in the mines for a time.  He in fact took about 28 years in the mines before deciding that not only was he not keen on working underground, he also didn't feel he had the "dedication" to work in mining either.  In his case working in the mines had been a family tradition with his three uncles and grandfather also working in the mines.

Bob, who is now almost unrecognisable without his trademark red beret, developed an early interest in and fondness for drawing cartoons as he was growing up.  He found many interesting subjects to draw from his life underground, meeting many lively and funny characters whom he couldn't help but depict in cartoon form.  He now has thousands of his cartoons which he would like to display somehow and in the process raise some money for a charity.

"Bush Walk" by Bob Groves
He showed my some of his work and it is most impressive.  Not all of his work is in cartoon form either.  He also paints in more traditional styles as you can see in the image I have included called "Bush Walk".

Over the years he has enjoyed spending time conducting drawing classes for both children and adults and is quite involved with WAS as the president.

If you would like to join WAS or find out more, there is a postal address for all enquiries - Willyama Art Society, PO Box 48, Broken Hill NSW 2880.  New members are very welcome.  There are about 18 established and budding artists of all ages in the group.

I had only a brief meeting but it was a pleasure and a delight to talk with Bob about his obvious passion for cartooning, painting, art and his love of Broken Hill his home.

Cheers, Jane D

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