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Sunday 13 January 2013

Broken Hill visitor information recent snapshot + where it began for me

The Big Chair / Bench / Seat in Broken Hill is 2.5 times bigger that your usual seat/park bench. It is painted red and lives on top of the Line of Lode. You can enjoy a great view across Broken Hill from up there. Check it out. It is also a good photo opportunity spot.
The "Big Bench" and me with part of Broken Earth Complex
(left) and Miner's Memorial (centre)

The "Big Bench" and me, yes it is 'big'
There are a couple of photos of me with it here from my visit earlier in the week. Two structures are visible behind me. The one on the far left is part of the Broken Earth Complex and the one to my immediate left is the Miner's Memorial. All three are worth checking out. The Bench was erected in September 2002 as part of the 'Landscapes and Backgrounds' exhibition*.
(*source wikipedia)

I have written more than 100 articles over the last 13 months so there is a lot to look at if this is your first visit to www.ilovebrokenhill.com.

For this reason, I've put together some links to a few of the articles which are all relevant to what's on right now in Broken Hill. Even the final two links listed are, I believe, still useful and current, as they will give you a good feel of the city and surrounds to help you know what to expect when you arrive in Broken Hill (which I hope you do!).

Summer School Holidays in Broken Hill (posted 28 December 2012)

See It My Way App worth a look (posted 31 December 2012)

Broken Hill Visitor Information new website launched 18.12.2012 (posted 21 December 2012)

Reminder of big events still on this January 2013 (including one on until 3 February)

404-408 Argent Street, Broken Hill
Three Special Exhibitions now on a Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery

Patton Village
Patton Street Park (opposite the shops), South Broken Hill
Summer VibesFestival 30.11.12-27.01.13 Sth Broken Hill

Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum (GeoCentre)
Corner Crystal and Bromide Streets, Broken Hill
The Odditoreum exhibition now on in Broken Hill

Broken Hill Station with Miner's Memorial, Broken Earth Complex and Line of Lode in background
Now, on a more personal note -

A little bit of shameless self promotion for this next article –
www.ilovebrokenhill.com blogger Jane Deany aka me makes the news! (posted 28 October 2012)

And finally,
My passion for Broken Hill, where it all began for me (links to the first two posts!)

Broken Hill or bust .. the first trip … 2002 (posted 8 December 2011)

2005 and I've returned to Broken Hill at last (posted 15 December 2011)
(this was my 2nd trip, more photos and more of a sense of Broken Hill with this, my 2nd post) -

Okay, that’s enough reminiscing for today.

Cheers, Jane D


  1. Hi Jane! It's Julie (Mosaic Artist, remember me from Beeac VIC? (Raylene's place at Christmas where you stayed overnight). Finally made the time to look around your blog. Really well written and vibrant! I hope you're doing well and that this year shines for you. Mine can only get better, surely... It was lovely to meet you and talk ART briefly that eve. I'm moving back to Melbourne as soon as possible, hopefully within a few weeks and will be back into my Art asap.. Take care.

  2. Hi Julie, thanks for your positive feedback, much appreciated and nice to hear from you. It was good to meet. Good luck with the move back to Melbourne and with your art, you certainly have an artistic talent. I liked your work. Cheers, Jane