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Sunday 6 January 2013

Driving to Broken Hill in summer and year round

Weather, wildlife (and friendly locals)
In a post a few days ago I mentioned the heat wave and high temperatures in and around Broken Hill at the moment and how important it is to have plenty of water with you in these extremely hot conditions.

Kangaroos and joey, courtesy
One thing I would like to add is that if your car did happen to break down en route to or from Broken Hill (or anywhere in the outback for that matter), you should stay with your car, not walk off looking for a farmhouse or similar as it's quite easy to get lost. If people are looking for you, it is much easier to spot a vehicle than a person.

Kangaroos and other wildlife etc...
While I'm on the driving subject, another thing to remember is that if you are on the road, try and avoid driving at dusk or dawn as that's when kangaroos and other wild life become very active and they can and do hop, run and walk onto roads. Night driving is also risky as the wildlife are still active and visibility is of course poor.

Friendly locals ...
I'll finish now on a much more positive note. A really nice thing I find about driving to and from Broken Hill is that after you leave Wentworth and 'hit' the open road heading towards Broken Hill (and of course on the return trip too), the majority of drivers you encounter, give you a little friendly 'finger' wave as they acknowledge you passing by. I reciprocate of course. It's one of those friendly touches you will notice on your travels in more remote areas of the Australian outback.

Stay safe, enjoy your trip, cheers, Jane D

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