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Friday 24 July 2015

Congratulations Jodi Daley & Badger Bates winners Outback Open Art Prize 2015

Badger Bates (L) and Jodi Daley (R)
'Cailin and Tunjili - Steamers Point, Wilcannia 2015'
Winners 2015 Outback Open Art Prize
Art Scene
Earlier this evening the winner of the 2015 Outback Open Art Prize was announced by the judge of the award, John Cheeseman, Director of the Mosman Art Gallery, in Broken Hill at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery (BHRAG).

I am delighted to announce that the winner of the $15,000 acquisitive prize was a joint work by local Broken Hill artist Jodi Daley and Wilcannia* artist Badger Bates with their piece entitled -

'Cailin and Tunjili - Steamers Point, Wilcannia 2015'.

John Cheeseman, Director Mosman Art Gallery (centre) and
Cathy Farry Manager 
Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery (right)
Both artists are first time winners of the this prize and of a major art prize.

Congratulations to you both it's a wonderful artwork created from pigment, oil paint and steel.

It was a who's who in the local art world at the BHRAG and the first time I was able to attend. It was also a fantastic opportunity for the many visitors to the city to come and see the fabulous gallery, as the Inland NSW Tourism Awards are on tomorrow night in Broken Hill and there are many tourism specialists buzzing around the tourist attractions over the next few days.

The second prize of $2,500 (non-acquisitive) went to Clara Adolphs, 'Coober Pedy from Mars (Self Portrait)', 2015.

Welcome to the visitors and congratulations Jodi, Badger and Clara.

Badger Bates (L) and Jodi Daley (R), winners Outback Open Art Prize 2015
'Cailin and Tunjili - Steamers Point, Wilcannia 2015', p
igment, oil paint and steel.
Exhibition details -

Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery
404-408 Argent Street, Broken Hill NSW 2880, Australia

Exhibition dates - 24 July - 6 September 2015.

Opening hours are 10 am – 5 pm weekdays and 11 am - 4 pm weekends.

Entry is by gold coin donation.

Tomorrow morning Saturday 25 July 2015, 11am is a morning tea at the BHRAG where there will be the opportunity to meet some of the finalists.

Everyone is welcome.

Finalists for the Outback Open Art Prize 2015.
Clara Adolphs, Coober Pedy from Mars (Self Portrait), 2015
Lyn Ahmat, Outback Heat Shimmer, 2015
Jessica Anderson, The Homeland, 2015
Jodi Daley and Badger Bates, Cailin and Tunjili – Steamers Point Wilcannia, 2015
Badger Bates, Danger Lurking, 2015
Ian Bell, Jim Jim, 2014
Ray Blick, Boots for Nev, 2015
Cynthia Bourke, Walking in Two Worlds, Mr Eddy My Grandfather, 2014
Dean Burns, Snapper MLA 210, 2015
Anh Do, Stranger at the Bus Stop, 2015
Philip Drummond, Nothing to Regret, 2015
Laura Grace, Water, 2014
Jody Graham, Pinhole Camera Memories from Fowlers Gap, 2015
Michele Heibel, Chance of Rain, 2015
Anna Henderson, Myall Station, 2015
Margaret Hutchings, Rabbit Proof Fence, 2014
Andrea Jenkins, Deserted, 2015
Gail Kellett, Vale Classics, 2015
Gladdy Kemarre, Anwekety (Bush Plum), 2014
Anne Kern, Desalination Tower, 2015
Nadia Kliendanze, Aussie Gothic, 2015
Carmen Ky, Finding Fossils Sandy Desert, 2015
Kathryn McGovern, Trophy, 2015
Lindy McSwan, Horizon Lines, 2014
Pat Moss, Stephens Creek Nine Mile, 2015
Annabel Nowlan, Drovers Wife V, 2015
Geoff Overheu, Flies, 2015
Geoff Overheu, Ants, 2015
Brenda Runnegar, Hay Plains, 2015
Luke Sciberras, Wilcannia Study for Fishing Barrel Gallipoli, 2014
Debbie Sheezal, River run, 2015
Natalya Shinn, Above White Cliffs, 2015
Salli Sixpence, Return to Country, 2015
Andrew Stacey, Warrawong Lagoon, 2015
Christopher Stenning, 1963 – In Memoriam, 2014
Alli Symons, Willy Willies From Many Lands Across Australia, 2015
Shane Vink, Red Planet Winter, 2015
Steffie Wallace, Moonlit Dust Storm Mutitjulu, 2015
Patricia Walsh, Desert Gold – Channel Country, 2015
Sally West, The Windmill – Plein Air, 2015
Sally West, The Road Boss – Plein Air, 2015
David Wiggs, A Fine Line, 2014

*Wilcannia is about 196km east of Broken Hill on the Darling River.

Cheers, Jane Deany


  1. Do you have pictures of any of the other art works from the 2015 Outback Art Prize by any chance? I can't get there but would love to see them.

  2. Thanks for your comment Hine. I'll see if I have anything. I need the artist's approval to post. Cheers, Jane