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Saturday 18 July 2015

Archibald Prize 2015 / 2014 and Broken Hill

Art Scene
The winner of the Archibald Prize 2015 was announced yesterday at the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney. Congratulations to the winner - Newcastle artist Nigel Milsom with his portrait of barrister Charles Waterstreet. (See image via Tweet below). Waterstreet represented Nigel after he was previously charged with armed robbery.

Nigel's life has turned around. The coveted and prestigious Australian art prize is worth $100,000.

The 47 finalists included Queensland artist Jessica Le Clerc's work. Her portrait was of artist David Hart (Pro Hart's son).

Living inside of stories by Jessica Le Clerc
Image from Art Gallery of NSW
As I watched the awards, Jessica's piece had the good fortune to be hung behind the podium from where the prizes were announced.

The larger than life portrait of Hart, which she painted in about a week and was titled 'Living inside of stories' enjoyed some wonderful coverage even though she didn't win.

It's an honour to be amongst the finalists.

Here's a link to Jessica's website and a little more about the piece.


Here's the YouTube clip link showing an interview with Jessica and the story behind the work. (it's only three minutes long).

Jessica Le Clerc YouTube interview.

Congratulations Jessica. I really like what you have painted. It's a great work and I hear David was very happy with it too.

Archibald Prize 2014 - touring exhibition winds up with last day on show in Broken Hill tomorrow, Sunday 19 July 2015.

Here's a link to the article I wrote about the event 'Archibald Prize 2014 tours Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery 5 June - 19 July 2015'.

The 2015 finalists exhibition commenced earlier today.

Here's a link to more information about the locations to see the works as it tours Victoria and New South Wales in the coming year.



Jane Deany

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