ilovebrokenhill.com , was first published on 8 December 2011 by Jane Deany. My blog is all about the famous outback Australian National Heritage Listed City named Broken Hill, located in the state of New South Wales. I first visited #BrokenHill in 2002 and have returned many times since then. ilovebrokenhill.com will help you discover what's great about this historic mining city, where in the mid 1880's the line of lode, a rich ore body of silver, lead and zinc was found. You will find stories about anything related to Broken Hill.

Saturday 31 May 2014

Is the end in sight for www.ilovebrokenhill.com?

I've always loved this photo of me
with one of the sculptures from the
Living Desert Sculpture Symposium
at sunset New Years Eve 2005-06
The romance may not be over, but sometimes ... well ... breaks are necessary. Even endings are needed. After all, stories usually do come to an end.

Next week is www.ilovebrokenhill.com 's two and a half year anniversary.

Separation is coming.

60,000 visitors have checked out the site, not inconsiderable.

Lots is happening in Broken Hill, but there are many other places and things to spend my writing and research energy upon.

I actually have another blog/website project which I began on 1 January this year. It's called www.coworkingiscool.com . The title may tell you, I'm pretty keen on coworking. I have written about coworking on www.ilovebrokenhill.com , see link to these posts here 8 October 2013 and 8 November 2013. I was focusing on how coworking could benefit regional areas such as Broken Hill.

There may be life yet in www.ilovebrokenhill.com after my break, it may not be over yet. After all, when the subject is Broken Hill, I can always find something to write about.

I'm pondering a potentially final post, and maybe a few others before then.

I've had many story ideas, and there are still plenty of possibilities. There's always something going on in beautiful fascinating Broken Hill.

Difficult decisions to be made. Letting go is hard!

Cheers, Jane Deany

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