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Friday 8 November 2013

Coworking and Broken Hill in the news in Queensland

Jan Stewart, Culture Host Hub Melbourne
Hub Melbourne is a coworking space
Regional Coworking
On 8 October I wrote an article about how "Coworking could increase employment opportunities in Broken Hill". Naturally, these principals can be applied to any regional location.

I was pleased to have this article republished today on www.digitalworkhub.com.au 's website in their blog/news section.

The Digital Work Hub Project is about trying to get coworking happening in South East Queensland.

I've been coworking for a year at Hub Melbourne and it's fantastic.

Historic Broken Hill Trades Hall
Business was done differently in the past and
trade unions played a big part in how business
was conducted, especially in Broken Hill
I highly recommend trying coworking if you get the chance. It's a great way to meet other people, network, innovate and collaborate.

You never know when a serendipitous connection may be made, or an innovative idea pop up.

Coworking also helps stop or at least reduce isolation if you're working from home, especially by yourself.

Hopefully coworking in some form maybe on its way to Broken Hill.

See link to the article on the www.digitalworkhub.com.au 's website here "Can coworking work in regional towns?"

Cheers, Jane Deany

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