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Saturday 14 September 2013

Outburst's Tracy Peduto sings karaoke at Southern Cross tonight

If you're not booked up tonight, why not go down to the Southern Cross Hotel tonight where you can join in some karaoke fun with Tracy Peduto of Outburst Entertainment who'll be belting out some great songs.

Tracy Peduto at the
Southern Cross Hotel
I've heard Tracy sing (and sung along with her too). She has what seems to be an endless playlist with an incredible variety. Her repertoire's amazingly diverse

You can see she truly loves to sing, and in fact I know she loves to sing because she told me so when we chatted yesterday about tonight's gig.

(Although recently reported that Tracy only sings at the Southern Cross Hotel, this isn't the case). For the record, I've seen Tracy perform at The Palace Hotel, and she also plays at Club Legion.

Just keep an eye out for the weekly entertainment guide in the Barrier Daily Truth. The coming weekend's entertainment's is usually listed in Thursday's paper each week, although this week it was in Friday's paper.
Southern Cross Hotel Broken Hill
courtesy www.gdaypubs.com.au
photo by Jon Graham

Entertainment starts from 7.30pm and will probably go till quite late. It's a little after that now, so I'm sure things will be just getting into full swing.

Southern Cross Hotel
357 Cobalt Street (corner Oxide Street), Broken Hill

Maybe come along after the fireworks (9pm) which will be held at the Broken Hill Show (Memorial Oval, William Street/Barrier Highway). The show finishes up for the year at 11pm.

Enjoy, cheers, Jane Deany

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