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Sunday 15 September 2013

'No Exit' playing tonight at the Alma Hotel Broken Hill South

Popular local Broken Hill band 'No Exit' is playing at the Alma Hotel tonight from 8pm to midnight.

If you're wondering what to do tonight, I can recommend No Exit as I've seen them play before and they're fantastic.

I've met John Gavranich the lead guitarist and vocalist and Terry Tresize the drummer a few times over the years and you can see they love performing. John in particular has told me he finds it relaxing and a change from his other daily business activities. John's brother Velco plays base guitar and is also a vocalist, the other band member is Hands who plays harmonica.

The style is 'Rock n Roll' and they are a covers band and sometimes they do backing work as well.

John seems to like performing so much he's in another 'Country Western' style band, Blu Ridge which got together more recently.

I saw them play at Club Legion recently. Most entertaining, lots of people up dancing which is a good sign.

Back to No Exit, they've been playing around the pubs and clubs of Broken Hill for years. I saw them at the Muso Club (Broken Hill Musician's Club).

Here's a link to a Youtube clip of a Johnny Cash Medley No Exit did at the Demo Club (Barrier Social Democratic Club) back in 2011.

Alma Hotel, 212 Hebbard Street, Broken Hill South

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Enjoy, cheers, Jane D

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