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Friday 19 July 2013

Broken Hill's Demo Club 110th anniversary celebrations all weekend

Community Event

Happy 110th Birthday to the Demo Club!

There's lots happening for the 110th anniversary of the Barrier Social Democratic Club (Demo club) over the coming weekend.

See article below for some of the details about what's on. Details of this article have been sourced from the "For Real Magazine" (via today's 19 July 2013 email subscription link), and For Real Magazine sourced their information from - The Bigger Brighter Breakie Show - 2BH 567

The Barrier Social Democratic Club in Broken Hill is celebrating it’s 110th anniversary.

The Club's Marketing Officer Jenna Millagan says with many events planned it’s a great chance for locals to show their support for the Demo Club.

“Today we have, from 2.30 – 5.30pm an outdoor broadcast… live from the Club. Then we have after 5.30pm we have our Monster Meat Raffle, followed by our Up The River promotion and our members weekly draw with entertainment from 7.30pm with the Super Hits Country Show with the Rustic Suns from Melbourne.”

“Celebrations are continuing on through on Saturday, we’ve got our Electrical Landslide from 4.30pm on Saturday afternoon followed by the Bolo Brothers from 8.00pm in the main bar area.”

“On Sunday we have our members Fun Day from 1.30pm followed by our kids karaoke, talent quest show from 4 – 6pm.”

Flyer for Demo Club Facebook page

“It would be really great to see everyone come down to the Club for the weekend and support the Club and it’s members and really get involved and see what we’ve got to offer” said Jenna.

It all sounds like a lot of fun.

I'm a member of the Demo Club and it's a great local Broken Hill club. It's a real local institution.

Enjoy, cheers, Jane D

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