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Sunday 18 December 2016

Browne Shaft Headframe at Junction Mine Broken Hill

Junction Mine Browne Shaft Headframe
I recently tweeted about www.ilovebrokenhill.com's 5th anniversary. The image I used, which is currently this blog's header image and the picture in this post, prompted the query, is that Browne's Mine? The question was posed by an ex Broken Hill resident.

I must say 'well spotted' to them.

And I admit, I was initially actually unsure of the headframe's name, so I rang the very helpful #BrokenHill visitor information centre, and together with their help and also reference to Elizabeth Vines' 2010 "Broken Hill A guide to the Silver City" we confirmed the details.

The picture is of Junction Mine's wooden headframe that was erected over Browne Shaft in the 1890's. It is the oldest remaining headframe on the #lineoflode.

You can see the mine and associated buildings on the Menindee Road, just on the edge of Broken Hill.

The image was taken by me around 7am in January 2013. Isn't the light lovely. It's one of the features that Broken Hill is know for i.e. great light and natural vivid colours. It is another reason why Broken Hill is so popular with artists.


Cheers, Jane Deany

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