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Friday 8 May 2015

I love Broken Hill

Me at Broken Hill Station for the 2014 Indian Pacific Christmas concert
I think everyone knows I love Broken Hill.

Today's post will be my 290th article and I have a really simple message to share.

I am often asked do I get paid or receive money directly from this blog and the answer is no.

One day I might receive recompense in a monetary form, but I haven't really tried to make money directly from www.ilovebrokenhill.com.

The Palace Hotel Broken Hill has accommodated me briefly in the past, thanks again Esther La Rovere (I wrote a blog post on 24 September 2013 about my stay to thank The Palace Hotel team), and Outback Astronomy treated me as their guest for a wonderful night sky viewing late last year, thanks Linda and Travis Nadge. Linda wrote a blog post for www.ilovebrokenhill.com on 28 May 2014, as my first (and so far only) guest blogger on she and her husband's new astronomy tourism business. It was a great night.

So to answer the money making query another way is, as my blog revolves around loving something, namely Broken Hill, and a true demonstration of loving anything, as you may know, is about giving without expecting anything in return, therefore, I don't expect to make money from something I love!

Mind you, there's a saying - "do something you love and the money will follow" - but that's another story for another day ;-)

Cheers, Jane Deany

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