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Sunday 28 December 2014

Federation Way Broken Hill re-opens Saturday 27 December 2014

Federation Way in Broken Hill is the road that takes visitors and locals alike up the famous Line of Lode to the Miner's Memorial, Big Bench (and Broken Earth cafe complex-currently closed).

The road has been closed for seven months as it needed some major repairs. There were also issues with insurance to be sorted out.
Finally, it re-opened yesterday (well according to the local Barrier Daily Truth newspaper 25 December 2014 issue).

It's really great news for tourists and locals alike.

I was visiting the City earlier this month but unfortunately couldn't get up there, much to my disappointment. There was one way, but you had to pay for a tour around town to do it.

I believe the tour was a half day commitment - I guess you could always hop off after you'd been up there, but normally it's free access, so it was an expensive way to do it, and of course the time had to suit you too.

The Big Bench, Miner's Memorial (centre), Broken Earth
complex (left) and me. All on top of the Line of Lode and
all attractions accessed via Federation Way, Broken Hill
On this last trip to Broken Hill, a freelancer from the Lonely Planet was also in 'town'. We caught up several times. She's actually from Melbourne and it was her first trip to #BrokenHill.

She told me she thought of doing the tour, just to make the journey up the Line of Lode, but as mentioned, there were those restrictions so I'm not sure if she managed to visit in the end.

Anyhow, I'm very glad it has or will re-open any minute (as I'm not there, I'm not sure. Just reporting what the paper said).

Definitely it's a must for a visitor.

Enjoy the view as well.

Cheers, Jane Deany

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