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Monday 31 March 2014

Kevin Charles 'Pro' Hart's 8th anniversary this month

Here's a link to some content from ABC Broken Hill / ABC South Australia which recognises the 8th anniversary of the passing of the famous Broken Hill artist Pro Hart aka Kevin Charles 'Pro' Hart MBE.

This blog post is by ABC Broken Hill's Sarah McConnell and includes a link to a podcast of the radio interview with Pro Hart's wife Raylee Hart by ABC Broken Hill's Andrew Schmidt earlier today.

Having listened to the interview, I agree that some formal recognition of Pro Hart's contribution to Broken Hill by way of a memorial to honour him, is certainly a good idea.

I was intrigued with one thing Raylee reported upon her visit to Pro's grave last week. I must first mention that Pro's last painting before he died of motor neurone disease, aged 87, was of a dragon fly. It was therefore quite mystical, well that seems a suitable word, that a dragon fly was hovering over the top of Pro's grave whilst she was there.

Pro Hart's painted Rolls Royce - note dragon fly, taken at the Pro Hart Gallery in 2006, the year he died.
Mrs Hart then retold a story of a tourist who also visited the grave a few days later, and he was amazed at the cluster of dragon flies hovering over Pro's grave, "like a meeting place" (in Raylee's words). He filmed the incident and took it to show Raylee at the family run Pro Hart Gallery. Sounds pretty amazing to me.

Here's a link to another article also posted by ABC discussing the interview with Raylee Hart and her backing of suggestions to publicly recognise Pro Hart's contribution to Broken Hill. 

May he rest in peace.

Jane Deany

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