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Friday 7 June 2013

Prostate Cancer ballroom dancing fundraisers in Broken Hill

From the Prostate Cancer Foundation
of Australia website
Community Event
Broken Hill Prostate Cancer Support Group is going all out this weekend with three fundraising events to help raise funds to fight this form of cancer.

There will be plenty of dining and dancing and a Gala Ball which is the third year that the ball has been held, and which each year has been timed to coincide with the Queen's Birthday holiday long weekend.

Apart from raising much needed funds to fight prostate cancer and support sufferers and their families, the events provide an opportunity for locals and visitors to get out their ballroom dancing gear and have a great time.

The Broken Hill Prostate Cancer Support Group was formed in 2008 and is affiliated with the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.  The group has two main aims -
  • to provide support to men diagnosed with prostate cancer (and their partners/families)
  • to raise awareness and provide education about prostate cancer to the wider community
Events details are - 

Friday 7 June 6 pm
Broken Hill Musician's (Muso) Club, 276 Crystal Street
Dinner $15 + $8 for ballroom dancing which starts at 7.45 pm.  You're welcome to attend either and just pay for the relevant event, or both.

Saturday 8 June 8 pm to midnight
Broken Hill Civic (Entertainment) Centre, corner Blende and Chloride Streets
Gala Ball - dinner and dancing total cost $20.

Sunday 9 June 10am - 1 pm
Broken Hill Musician's (Muso) Club, 276 Crystal Street
Ballroom dancing $5.  Lunch at your own cost from a la carte and specials menu.

Ballroom dancing image from
If you attend all three events, the cost for the dancing is $30 (excluding Muso Club's meals - dinner Friday and lunch Sunday which are paid for separately to the Muso Club).

There is still room at all events.  One hundred guests are booked so far for the Gala Ball and there's room for at least another 20 people.  You don't have to be a dancer to attend everyone is welcome.

The Gala Ball will feature live music and singing from well known Mildura resident Geoff Evans, who I'm told has a fabulous voice.

For more details please call 08 8087 4554, Mrs Vilma Stubing.  If no answer, leave a message and she'll call you back.

Donations for prostate cancer research and support can be made via the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia website - www.prostate.org.au.  Donations to the local Broken Hill Prostate Cancer Support Group can be made via contact with Mr Keith Stubing, Mrs Vilma Stubing (President) or Mr Laurie Camilleri who can be reached through the Broken Hill page of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia website - see link below


Enjoy the dancing (and dining), have a great time and support a very worthy cause, cheers, Jane D


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