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Sunday 28 April 2013

Tradition lives with Broken Hill's Civic (Debutante) Ball on 3 May 2013

Community Event
Broken Hill is holding a Civic Ball this coming Friday 3 May 2013 and nine young ladies will be making their debut.  It is nice to see old fashioned traditions still live on.  I remember making my debut many moons ago at Number 9 Darling Street South Yarra in Melbourne, but that's another story.

Broken Hill Entertainment (Civic) Centre
courtesy Barrier Daily Truth
The venue for this special occasion is of course Broken Hill's Civic (Entertainment and Convention) Centre - corner Blende and Chloride Streets.  Tickets are limited, see details below.

According to the media release from Broken Hill City Council's website, the Civic Ball has been part of the City's history for many years.  It is a celebration of young women coming of age.

In the media release, Mayor Wincen Cuy said “Given the current climate it is very pleasing that Council in partnership with Old Fashion Favourites and Gallery of Silverton, is able to provide the opportunity for nine young ladies to make their debut at the Civic Ball in 2013”.

The community at large are also invited to attend with up to 30 tickets available to the general public. This is your chance to support this important social event and keep the tradition alive.  “The young people taking part in this year’s ball have shown commitment and enthusiasm throughout the rehearsal process and I invite the community to enjoy this special evening with them”, Mayor Cuy said.

Tickets are $60 per person which includes a 2 course meal. You can purchase tickets from Council’s Customer Relations Counter, 240 Blende Street between the hours of 8.30am –
4.00pm until Monday 29 April 2013. No tickets will be available on the day (of the ball).  Telephone enquiries 08 8080 3300.

If the tickets haven't sold out, it sounds like a very good deal to me, and I'm sure it will be a really special night.

As I researched to write this article I came across a quote from Mayor Cuy from the "Barrier Daily Truth" newspaper back in 2010 about a past Civic Ball.  He said ' that it was something the girls can "look back on and be glad they had done it" ', and having been a debutante myself, I think he's right.

Best wishes to the Debutantes, cheers, Jane D

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