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Sunday 28 October 2012

www.ilovebrokenhill.com blogger Jane Deany aka me makes the news!

Photo of part of the 'Barrier Daily Truth'
article  about www.ilovebrokenhill.com
It has been an exciting week for me. Firstly I spent a lovely long weekend in Broken Hill last weekend. I caught up with lots of people including Betty Pearson President of GAARA Arts Inc., Bob Groves President of the Willyama Art Society, newly re-elected Broken Hill Mayor Wincen Cuy, Andrea Roberts - Manager Community Development at the City Council, local artists Peter McGlinchey, Deirdre Edwards, Karrie Lannstrom, Geoff De Main, Julie and Rod Horsburgh, Dot Henderson and Margaret (Rita) Bruggy.

I also chatted to Cathy Farry Manager of the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, and local real estate agent Matthew Handberg. I interviewed Matthew about the local real estate market so watch out for that story coming very soon.

The "newsworthy" part of the trip, at least for me, was being interviewed by Emily Roberts of the 'Barrier Daily Truth' (BDTabout my www.ilovebrokenhill.com blog.

I thought the BDT could be interested in doing a story about www.ilovebrokenhill.com and my interest in Broken Hill and they were.

Emily interviewed me on Monday morning and the following day, Tuesday 23nd October the story appeared in the paper on page 3.

I had left the City late Monday afternoon so I didn't get a copy of the paper initially but saw it via my online copy on Tuesday morning. I rang and requested that the BDT post me a few copies to show family and friends and I was amazed that I received the copies on the Friday which is pretty quick.

Gavin Schmidt photographer at
the 'Barrier Daily Truth'
After Gavin Schmidt of the BDT photographed me for the article opposite the offices of the BDT, I turned my camera on him at the same location and he somewhat reluctantly let me take a photo of him so there it is together with mine from the article.

I must thank Gavin as well as his BDT colleague Darrin Manuel for kindly providing the occasional photo for my blog. When I first contacted Gavin earlier in the year and requested he send me one of his photos from the paper he promptly forwarded it to me without hesitation. It has been a great help given that I don't live in Broken Hill as I miss being able to take photos at particular events more often than not.

As the BDT article said, I did a lot of driving around the City looking at real estate, I really would like to buy a "country place" some time, hopefully I won't have to wait too long for the right property to come along.

Cheers, Jane D


  1. This is such a great article, Jane. What a lovely photo of you. Looks like this blog just keeps getting bigger and better.
    Fran Penfold

    1. Thanks for that Fran, yes I was happy with the photo and the article. I do hope the blog continues to develop a following. I spoke to someone from the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney the other day regarding an upcoming article I'm doing about the current Odditoreum exhibition which is on in Broken Hill. The person I spoke to was researching Broken Hill for a visit they were making to the City and they had come across my blog. The word is getting out which is pleasing for me! Thanks again, cheers Jane D