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Monday 18 June 2012

Tour De Foodies – Broken Hill 21 June 2012

A Guide to Dining out in Broken Hill” is a group that has been set up on facebook which is designed to be “a place where you can be proactive about the foods you eat and the service you get from the restaurants, delis, cafes, clubs, pubs, fast foods, homes of Broken Hill….”  Sounds like a great idea, I’ve joined, there are some great restaurants and cafes in Broken Hill.

Not sure if the group includes neighbouring Silverton, but I can confirm the one café in this small town, the Silverton Café does a really great “feed”.  Very tasty, open daily and it’s licensed.  (note I don’t think they don’t take credit cards-check to be sure)  There’s the famous Silverton Hotel also, but I’ve never eaten there so I can’t comment.  Feel free to let us know if you have, especially if you enjoyed it.

Back to Broken Hill and this week is the inaugural “Tour De Foodies” is on.  It’s a restaurant crawl in other words.  It is planned to get together monthly on the third Thursday of each month.  The idea is that the group would try out three different parts of a menu in three different locations.

Broken Earth Cafe/Restaurant Broken Hill
The venues for the first event are as follows.   “Foodies” will start at 6pm at The Broken Earth Café/Restaurant for entrees, then Mr Pickwicks for mains and the Mulga for dessert.  A bus will ferry the diners around.

According to the article in the Barrier Daily Truth (BDT) on 2 May 2012 one of the organisers Georgie Blore said “It’s not about critiquing food; it’s about having a good night out and meeting people”.  Georgie and a couple of friends have set up the group.  It’s a non profit fun gathering and each person pays for their own meal and drinks.  Look at the "A Guide to Dining out in Broken Hill" site for more information.

I’d love to hear how it goes, according to facebook there is a lot of local interest.  I’m sure there will be lots of follow up comments on facebook.  Enjoy.

Cheers indeed, Jane D

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