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Wednesday 18 January 2012

Let there be art – 2009 and 2012

Art Scene
Along with the significant mining history, Broken Hill has, over time, become a real mecca for artists and there are many galleries in the city.  On my last visit in 2009, I received a list of the Art Galleries and Craft Shops in the city and also at nearby Silverton, from the Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre.  Amazingly there were 30 galleries listed, which, in a city with a population of about 20,000 people, is a very high proportion of galleries per head.  Four of the galleries were in the very small nearby 'ghost' town of Silverton, about 25 Kms out of the city.

Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery
In 2012, that list is no longer available from the Visitor Information Centre, the 2009 version, (now since writing this post, the list has been updated to 2012) is available instead at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery.  The latest information regarding galleries can now be found on the Visitor Information Centre website.  I was interested to see that there are only 13 galleries listed on their website, so one of my projects on my upcoming visits to Broken Hill in 2012, will be to see what has happened to the galleries that are no longer listed.  Stay tuned for more posts soon. In the meantime, all the galleries are listed at the bottom of this blog/website. There is also a website www.artofbrokenhill.com which has all the galleries listed (see link here) and will be developed to be a more comprehensive directory over time.

As previously noted, I love real estate and Broken Hill has some wonderful properties.  I didn’t mention this earlier, but I love art also, so hunting around all the galleries during my next visit will be lots of fun and a highly recommended activity for anyone visiting the Hill.

Cheers, Jane D

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