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Saturday 11 August 2012

The Broken Hill Time Traveller’s Convention tonight 11 August 2012

West Darling Hotel 1 Jan 2006 yes it is 40 degrees
Jack Marx is holding a ‘public event’ so facebook tells us.  An article in yesterday’s 'Barrier Daily Truth' (BDT) gives a little more information about this quirky event being held in Broken Hill at the West Darling Hotel, corner Oxide and Argent Streets. 

The Broken Hill Time Traveller’s Convention is on tonight Saturday 11th August 2012 commencing at 7pm and rsvp’s aren’t necessary.

The BDT article explained that it’s not the first time such an event has been organised as in May 2005 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) students apparently held the world’s first Time Traveller Convention.  No time travellers were reported to have turned up.  Jack Marx believes this is because you couldn’t attend that event unless you had rsvp’d and it would be impossible to rsvp to a past event if you are from the future!
Marx told the BDT that the event ‘will feature music designed to make future folk feel “comfortable” and’ there’s ‘the possibility of some very special guests’ which I think adds up to a potentially intriguing night.  What the heck, sounds like it could be fun.  It will certainly be unusual and who knows, anything could happen.

Feel free to give us an update about how the night went.  Did you see any blasts from the past or find some friends of the future?

Cheers, Jane D

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