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Saturday 18 August 2012

Broken Hill and me, eight months on ...

It has been just over eight months since I started my new ‘journey’ with Broken Hill as the destination.  On 8th December 2011 I wrote my first post about Broken Hill.  It was my first post about anything at all on the internet.

I read/scanned eight books about blogging “how to” etc…  One thing they stressed was that you must be pretty passionate about your subject.  So I thought, I want to start a blog so what will my topic be and obviously, you guessed it, it was to be about Broken Hill and what I love about it.

Radio Station 2BH
I have visited the city twice so far this year – 2012 - and have been to Broken Hill around 10 times or so altogether.  I have tried to write about positive news stories about this fascinating arty historic mining town/city (which hasn’t been hard to do).  An e-subscription to the newsy local paper “The Barrier Daily Truth” has helped me to keep up with what’s going on in town.  I have also pestered the staff at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery and the Visitor Information Centre.  They have all been very helpful.

Today is my 50th post/article so I am being a bit self-indulgent in writing this piece which is a little more focused on me, but it still in essence is about Broken Hill.

My readers come from all over the world.  The greatest readership is based in the United States of America, followed by Australia, Israel, Brazil, Germany, Latvia, Russia, France, China and the United Kingdom, so it is quite diverse I’m pleased to say.

I have kept it non-commercial, i.e. I don’t earn money from it.  But I do earn self-satisfaction that I have kept it up.
A view of Broken Hill and moi
As I pass this mini eight month milestone, I thought I would ask if anyone has a particular topic they would like me to research about the city?  If you do, I would love to hear your suggestions (keep it nice please).

In future posts I plan to write some more about the various attractions around the city and a little bit more about mining than I have, especially since this is a significant part of the history of the city.  Artist profiles will also be a feature.

I will do a real estate report as well once I find an agent who is happy to contribute.  I met with one in January and discussed the possibility and they said they were interested in the idea.  I do hope so, as there are some really lovely properties to be found in this city and I think there is an interesting story to be told on that subject.  I might even buy a property at the “Hill” myself one day, I have certainly inspected quite a few very charming homes and even some pubs which were on the market as well.  One day ….??
I look forward to post number 51 which will be coming soon.

Cheers, Jane D

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