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Thursday 9 December 2021

10 year blog anniversary today - 8 December 2021

The heading says it all. December 8 is the blog's 10 year anniversary. I have not visited Broken Hill for three years. I did have two good trips in 2018 and spent about 5 weeks altogether then. The last two years obviously have been all too hard with COVID-19 issues.

You can see the published date as well as evidence of how many posts I have done over the last ten years, that being 343 posts.

I confess I have not blogged much lately, but overall, 34.3 posts per year on average is pretty regular, especially considering I live in Melbourne!

I'm keen to visit in 2022. See you soon I hope. 

Broken Hill is in the federal electorate of Parkes

When I first visited Broken Hill in 2002 and for years after that, the Silver City aka #BrokenHill was in the federal electorate of Farrer. Fast forward to the 2016 federal election and the electorate of Parkes included Broken Hill.

Mark Coulton is the local MP. He is a member of the National Party and has held the seat since 2007.

I mention all this as we have a federal election coming up in just under six months. And what have I been doing during much of the lockdown over the last two years? I've been following politics more closely than ever.

I am based in the Kooyong electorate. The local member is the federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg. I expect the next six months are going to be full of fun and games, for want of a better description.

The map below is still the current electoral map for Parkes.

There have been changes in Victoria where we have gained an electorate called Hawke (yes, after Bob Hawke). So Victoria now has 39 electorates. There have been quite a lot of boundary changes in Victoria with the redistribution process, as there has been population movement around the state.

WA will lose an electorate as Liberal held Stirling is disappearing. WA will therefore have 15 electorates rather than 16, from the next election.

NSW has no change in the number of federal electorates which remains at 47.