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Sunday 3 August 2014

Saturn disappears behind the moon on 4 August 2014 - see it in Broken Hill

Community Event
Astronomers are looking forward to an exciting astronomical event tomorrow  4 August 2014, when Saturn disappears behind the moon, as they become perfectly aligned for about an hour.

The event is known as a 'lunar occultation of Saturn'. It is the third time it has happened this year. In this instance, it will be a first quarter moon. Central and eastern Australia will see the moon to the west.

Outback Astronomy is putting on an event. It could be a great opportunity to check out Broken Hill's famous night sky. The event (and Outback Astronomy) takes advantage of Broken Hill's inland remoteness, which is not effected by big city lights.

Here is a link to Outback Astronomy's website where you can find more details about their 4 August 2014 event -


Below is a tweet I saw about the 4th August event. The tweet takes you to a link to a great article I read about this lunar event, and which I have sourced some of my information for this blog post.

Thanks to Tanya Hill and 'The Conversation' website -


Times - Adelaide 8.33pm - 9.28pm; Melbourne 9.24pm - 9.52pm; Sydney 9.22pm - 10.22pm. As Broken Hill is closer to Adelaide than Melbourne, I'm guessing the event will commence around 8.50 approximately and might take 45 minutes. No doubt Outback Astronomy would have more details.

I published a post about Outback Astronomy on the 28 of May, 'Outback Astronomy - starry skies shine in Broken Hill'.

You can find a link to the article below -


The post was written by Linda Nadge of Outback Astronomy, about her exciting new astro tourism business. It was the first guest post I have published on www.ilovebrokenhill.com .

I wish you beautiful clear skies.

Enjoy, cheers, Jane Deany

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