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Saturday 18 January 2014

Searching for Broken Hill (#BrokenHill). Try Google, hashtags # and ....

Searching for Broken Hill? I don't mean the old fashioned way using a map.

Just thought I would give you an idea of what comes up first when you do a "Broken Hill" Google search, and different ways to find out more about Broken Hill.

Search Engines
You may never have tried the following suggestions and they apply to any search, not just about Broken Hill, so it is useful to understand that you will find different results depending how you search, that is, which search engine you use, for example Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube etc...

Search "Broken Hill" using the following different suggestions and see what comes up.

Do a Google search when you are logged in (eg to your own Google/Google+, GMail account etc...)

Try the same after you have logged out of your Google account.

Then try Bing (Microsoft's search engine) instead of Google.

I read that YouTube has been quoted in 2013 as the second most used search engine after Google although I don't recall the source, so this is unconfirmed. I have also seen Bing reportedly, on eBizMBAranking as the second highest ranked search engine.

If you weren't aware, YouTube (created in 2005) was bought by Google in 2006.

Incognito Search
You can do an Incognito search by opening a browser as an Incognito window, details of what this is are explained when in such a window, by clicking on the help symbol '?'. Also, here is a definition I found on www.about.com .

Then try some of the following browsers as the results will also vary depending upon which one you use, for example, Internet Explorer (Windows/PC users); Safari (for Apple products); Chrome (Google's own browser), Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

It is quite interesting what you may or may not find depending upon the tool you use.

Hashtags #
Also, don't forget # (hashtags). Try searching #BrokenHill (not case sensitive) or # in front of any topic you're interested in, on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ etc.. and see what you find. If the search item is two words or more such as Broken Hill, don't put spaces between the words or hashtag.

Food for thought and very useful when researching pretty much anything these days.

Cheers, Jane Deany

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