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Friday 14 June 2013

Make Pro Hart Movie Pozible from crowd funding until 21 June 2013

Some of Pro Hart's artwork on his own Rolls Royce
Art and Film
Help make a film about famous Broken Hill artist Pro Hart's life Pozible.

Pozible is a crowd funding platform that helps to make projects, such as this film about the now deceased "Brushmen of the Bush" member Pro Hart, a reality.

Please follow this link to the Pro Hart film fund raising campaign for more information about www.pozible.com and their various projects www.pozible.com/projects with the link to Pro Hart's film project here.

A film production team, including Broken Hill-born actor Corey Page, script-writer Richard Burman and producer Philippa Whitfield Pomeranz hope to create a biographical film called 'Chasing Dragonflies'.  They aim to raise $25,000 through Pozible to create the script and develop a sales package for the project.

The project in total is likely to cost around $2 million, and the team would look towards Screen NSW and Screen Australia for funding, Mr Page was reported as saying in an article which featured in the 'Barrier Daily Truth' (BDT), see link here on 5 June 2013.

There are many interesting projects that Pozible is helping to make a reality through 'crowd-funding' via sponsorship.  It's a great concept and worth checking out.  It may help you with a project you would like to get off the ground but don't have the funds to do so - yet!

'Chasing Dragonflies' sounds a great project and I think one worthy of consideration for sponsorship.

Apart from the feel good factor, supporters of this project may receive a small gift and possibly an invitation to the reading of the script and or a cocktail party as a thank you for their sponsorship.  Gifts and or invitations depend upon donation amount.

Cheers, Jane D                                   

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