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Saturday 18 May 2013

Resources and Energy Investment Symposium 2013, May 19-22

Poppet Head
Broken Hill
Mining Industry
The 3rd annualResources and Energy Investment Symposium (REIS) 2013 is on again in Broken Hill from May 19-22.  The inaugural event was held in Broken Hill in 2011, and was held again in the city last year.  So for the time being it appears to be a permanent fixture as an annual Broken Hill event.

This year's symposium will focus on the current economic climate with all the associated challenges and opportunities, both in the Australian resources industry as well as for Australia within the international market.

REIS organisers Catriona Silverston
& Michael Allendorf, courtesy
BDT Darrin Manuel
A number of high profile speakers will be providing keynote speeches.  Big names include, Dick Smith (Business Entrepreneur), The Hon Nick Minchin (former Liberal Senator, now business consultant), Mark Bennett (Sirius Resources MD & CEO), Dan Denning (The Daily Reckoning Australia, Editor), Dr John Hewson (former Liberal Party Leader and Opposition Leader and economic and financial expert), Dr Thomas Barlow (Thomas Barlow Advisory Services), Tony Locantro (Locantro's Life Speculative Investment Newsletter, Author), Hugh Wallace-Smith (Stockbroker), John Molyneux (WH Ireland Ltd, Regional Director), Stuart A. Sanderson (Colorado Mining Association, President), Dave Kanagy (Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, Executive Director), David Evans (GoldNerds Pty Limited, Founder and MD), Prof Ian Plimer (Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences).

For more details about the event including a detailed program of events, go to the REIS website www.symposium.net.au .

I am sure it will be a highly informative and fascinating event.  I heard great things about both last year and the inaugural 2011 event.

For a snapshot of what I wrote about the 2012 event, see link here to my 18 May 2012 article.

Cheers, Jane D

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